5th Wheel Grease

Extreme pressure (EP) bentonite grease fortified with functional additives and...

Brake Fluid

Synthetic hydraulic brake fluid

Chain Wax

Lubricate all chains and sprockets for both on and off...

Chainwax and Degreaser COMBI PACK Special

Waterproof and dirt proof Chainwax + Degreasing fluid in a...

CV Joint Grease

Lithium based grease


Biodegradable degreasing fluid

Degreaser – Bio

Biodegradable degreasing fluid

General Purpose Grease

Lithium based grease using a lithium thickener with carefully selected...

High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease

A lithium complex based grease fortified with carefully selected EP...

Penetrating Oil Spray

Multipurpose lubricant

Q8 Allroads 4T 10W40

Excellent synthetic motorcycle oil

Q8 Auto 14

An advanced transmission fluid for various applications

Q8 Chain Oil 150

Advanced chain and chainsaw oil

Q8 City 4T 10W30

Advanced synthetic motorcycle oil

Q8 Coolblu (Concentrate)

Outstanding anti-freeze concentrate that protects against freezing, boiling and corrosion...

Q8 Coolblu50 (Premix)

Outstanding ready to use anti-freeze pre-mix 50:50 that protects against...

Q8 Formula Advanced 10W40

An allround high SAPS engine oil

Q8 Garden Pro 2T

2-stroke engine oil for garden machinery

Q8 GardenPro SAE 30

High quality monograde mineral oil

Q8 Outboard 2T

Leisure boat fluid

Q8 Outboard Synt 4T 10W40

Multigrade synthetic based lubricant

Q8 T 1000 15W-40

Super tractor universal oil (STOU)

Q8 T 750 15W-40

High Performance Heavy-Duty engine oil ACEA E7 / API Ci-4

Q8 T2200

Superior transmission and hydraulic oil (UTTO)

Q8 T35 80W90

Advanced manual transmission fluid

Q8 T55 80W90

An advanced heavy duty gear lubricant

Q8 T860 10W40

Synthetic Heavy-Duty engine oil ACEA E4/E7 / API Ci-4

Q8 Unishift PC Synt 75W-90

Synthetic API GL-4 manual transmission fluid

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