Oil Type

Biodegradable degreasing fluid

Available Packaging

  • 250ml Sachets
  • 250ml Sachets (Box of 9)

Oil Type

Biodegradable degreasing fluid

Available Packaging

  • 250ml Sachets
  • 250ml Sachets (Box of 9)




Blue Chip Degreaz is a multi-purpose water-based degreasing fluid suitable for a wide range of cleaning applications. It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-flammable. Degreaz is a cost-effective solution for stubborn greasy dirt and soil that have accumulated over extended periods of time. Blue Chip Degreaz is available in handy 250 ml plastic sachets for quick and easy use by cyclists.


Blue Chip Degreaz is formulated for a wide range of cleaning and degreasing applications. It is particularly suitable for cleaning bicycles, off-road bikes in particular.

Most effective when applied undiluted by spray or brush. Allow Degreaz to soak into the grease and grime for 5 minutes. Loosen stubborn dirt with a brush and wash off with a jet of water.

NOTE: Avoid spraying high pressure water into bearings. Degreaz can be diluted with water at a rate of up to 1:10 for light duty applications.


  • Solvent free non-flammable formulation.
  • Safe for use on all metal surfaces.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Emulsifies readily and free rinsing.
  • Safe and easy to use.

Specifications & Approvals

No data available.


Appearance Bright and Clear
Colour Colourless to Light Straw
Density; g/cm3 1.026
pH Value 11.8
Boiling Point; °C >100
Freezing Point; °C -4
Flash Point; °C Non-Flammable

The above figures are typical values and do not constitute a specification.


Product Data Sheet includes a selection of specifications.


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